User Adjustable Launch Control


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User Adjustable Launch Control


  • Easily Adjust RPMs required for launch.
  • Available with No Lift Shift and Brake Boost (Pedal Overlap) on request.
  • Requires a manual transmission.
  • Also available as part of our MTC package, Works Package, or Track Pack.
  • For Competition Use ONLY vehicles. Competition Use Only vehicles are not registered and do not have a VIN.
  • Requires existing Motoza tune or may be purchased in conjunction with tuning. Cannot be added to other companies’ tunes.

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Launch Control builds boost pressure at a stop with no load on the engine. You control the RPM’s required for launch and can adjust based on conditions. It’s fun, it’s loud, it shoots fire. It’s also very hard on your vehicle and should be used with care. This product is for closed course use only.