Track Pack Upgrade Package




Save when you bundle optional tune features! Make your track days more fun and gain an edge on competition with the Motoza Track Pack. Build boost at the line without putting load on the engine with User-Adjustable Launch Control, and use Rolling Anti-Lag to maintain and build boost while driving at a fixed speed.

  • Includes User Adjustable Launch Control, and Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Test Pipe and Manual Transmission Required
  • No Lift Shift & Brake Boost Available on Request
  • For use with existing or new Motoza tunes for 1.8T & 2.7T
  • Sold for Track and Off-Road Use Only


User Adjustable Launch Control

Allows you to build boost while at a stop. You control the RPMs for launch. Loud, fire-breathing goodness.

Rolling Anti-Lag

Maintains and builds boost at fixed speeds, cruise stalk operated. Why yes, you can still use cruise control normally. Both this and UALC should be used with care and only on track or off-road.