This is a team effort. We provide the tuning expertise, but there will more than likely be some mechanical issues that will need to be addressed by you or your mechanic along the way. We suggest starting with a vehicle that is in good running condition.

The log review process is designed to get the most out of your car based on your modifications. Generally, the first review will be used to identify any mechanical issues present and to address fueling. Issues that were not noticeable at stock levels generally become apparent with increased performance. Namely boost/vac leaks, MAF issues, or other sensor issues. We will provide as much information as possible on how to address anything we see in the logs but these issues will need to be addressed. Upgraded turbos and aftermarket parts increase the odds that we’ll chase additional mechanical issues, thus the additional log reviews.

Once mechanical issues are addressed we can move on to the fun stuff and fine tuning. Ensuring that your vehicle is in excellent condition will help you get the most from your tune. Please look over our pre-tuning checklist.

Motoza PS (performance software) requires a USB port and a Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11).  We also STRONGLY recommend a 1-3 amp battery maintainer for use while flashing your vehicle.

Every build is custom tuned, so the timeline can vary between cars. In general, the goal is to be dialed in within 3-7 revisions depending on the tune. On average, the entire process can be completed within a few weeks. However, this time frame is subjective, as some customers are able to actively send files and logs regularly while others can only devote a few weekend hours to the process. With the exception of big turbo tunes which are quoted based on complexity, each tune comes with a set number of log reviews to be completed within 6 (six) months of initial setup.

We can pause this six month time frame for major repairs, deployed military personnel, or for family emergencies if you let us know in advance that you would like to pause your review clock and keep us updated of your planned date to resume tuning.

We make every effort to complete setups and log reviews within 1-3 business days of submission. However, as this is a custom service, lead time may be longer depending on your build, if that’s the case, we will let you know. We schedule setups and revisions in the order they are received.

Yes, we accept returns of unused, uninstalled merchandise within 30 days. We cannot accept returns on installed parts, but do warranty defective items. Restocking fees apply for tunes that have been created and revised and verification that the ECU has been returned to stock condition is required.

Please see the Warranty and Terms Page for complete information.

Delivery times will vary based on location and shipping method chosen. We’ll send you tracking information with your order confirmation, 3-5 days is average to most US destinations. If you require expedited shipping, please get in touch!

Orders over $650.00 USD require a signature for delivery.

Shipping is from Colorado, USA. If your order is received by noon MST Monday-Friday, it will usually ship the same day. International orders may take longer to ship due to processing requirements.

Once your kit is purchased, we will create a user account for you, (we’ll send you a link with your order confirmation). Our member’s site allows you to send and receive files as well as host all your tuning files in one convenient place.
We recommend leaving email notifications enabled so you are alerted when new files are uploaded for you. This account does not opt you in to any marketing emails, you will just received file notifications

Absolutely. That’s why we’re here, after all! At Motoza, loyal customers only pay a small upgrade fee or the difference between the tune they have and the tune they need up to K04 and Hybrid K04 builds. Big Turbo upgrades are quoted on a case by case basis and prices are determined based on supporting modifications.

Just making some hardware changes? No problem! Reworks to a tune outside the 90-day window are charged a rework fee based on their complexity.

MTC stands for Multi Tune Control. It is an added feature designed to give you on-the-go control of your tunes. Using your laptop, you can select your tune wherever you are with the touch of a button. It’s that simple. Added bonus, MTC comes with Launch Control for users with a manual transmission and verified track car.

User Adjustable Launch Control and Rolling Anti-Lag are available upgrade features offered with our 1.8T and 2.7T tunes for verified track cars. A manual transmission is required. A signed affidavit stating that the car is track use only is required, and you may be asked to send photos of your vehicle showing that the VIN has been removed.

We can fully control all major engine parameters and accommodate projects ranging from a Stage 1 tune through larger BT projects. We are happy to tune for aftermarket injectors, oversized MAFs, cams, TB’s, etc…although some of these may affect pricing depending on the tuning stage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information about your specific build.

If you compete in a racing class that requires you to limit modifications or maintain a specific power level, let us know. We can keep you where you need to be for the class in which you compete.

The kit includes an MX-USB interface, carry bag, a quick start guide, and the Motoza Performance Suite software, which reads/writes the files to your ECU, performs data logging, and acts as a diagnostic tool. Also included is the expertise of our tuners who will build your file and revise it over the course of tuning. The bulk of your tune cost is for the time and labor of your tuner.

And of course, a nifty Motoza sticker.

Generally, no, unless you choose to purchase an upgrade such as Multi-Tune.

Certain hardware changes do incur additional fees during the tuning process. If your build sheet changes drastically during the tuning process, there may be a fee. If you let us know what changes you plan to make from your original build sheet, we can let you know if it’s included or help you find the most economical solution.

Hardware changes that may incur an additional fee during the tuning process include but are not limited to:

  • Upgraded turbos, (for example, if you replace a K03 with another K03, there is no charge. If you replace a K03 with a K04, an upgrade to the appropriate tuning stage is required).
  • Fueling components such as injectors, changes to return fueling on returnless vehicles or, water methanol not specified on your build sheet. If you think you made a mistake on your build sheet, just let us know and we’ll discuss options.
  • MAF sensor changes
  • MAP sensor changes

If minor hardware changes are made within your revision window of 6 months while you still have log reviews available, or at the suggestion of our tuners to address a mechanical issue, there is no fee for the change.
Tuner suggestions, like a change to the turbo size, MAP sensors, or major fueling changes, in an effort to further increase performance, are generally not covered. This is not an exhaustive list so, please contact us to make sure your planned hardware change is covered.

Yes and no. Let’s run down the tuning stages first.

Stage 1 is for vehicles with stock fueling and stock turbos and the price assumes basic bolt-ons. Upgraded intercooler? no problem. Upgraded injectors or fuel pressure regulator? Those require a move to at least Stage 1+ or Stage 2+ depending on your platform.

Stage 1+ or Stage 2 is for vehicles with upgraded fueling and the stock turbo. On 1.8T and 2.7T this means upgraded injectors or fuel pressure. If you want to jump to injectors larger than 550cc on your 1.8T or 2.7T right out of the gate because you have future big turbo plans, we can generally accommodate that on wideband cars depending on the injector.

On a 2.0T EA113, this means upgraded HPFP internals, (see Stage 2+ for 2.0T EA113 vehicles with larger injectors and HPFP). Some other fueling upgrades or a larger than stock turbo move you to the next tuning stage in terms of price.

If you’ve started in with block modifications beyond rods, MAF or MAP changes and do not have a larger turbo, talk to us first.

For TT225 owners, 1+ covers up to 550cc on AMU engine.

  • 1.8T & 2.7T 1+  Injectors larger than 550cc and up to 1000cc (depending on the brand), are covered with the tune cost if they are purchased through us. We will also cover genuine EV-14 based injectors from Fuel Injector Clinic, Deatschwerks, Bosch Motorsport, or Injector Dynamics with a flow report. Want to use injectors you bought off eBay or Amazon? No. Just no. Or we can give it a shot but expect to hold up the tuning process and then send them off for testing to someone reputable; this will likely put you beyond the usual number of log reviews. We will gladly provide a list of companies who test injectors, and provide ACCRUATE, usable data. Most of the bigger names in aftermarket Euro parts sell quality injectors.OEM Bosch 386cc injectors or Bosch 440 Green Giants can be used on 1+ cars with gasoline or WMI, (they are not sufficient for E85 use). We will work with with Siemens 630cc, but they may incur an additional charge and are not the ideal choice, particularly with E85 due to their spray pattern. Items such as upgraded fuel pumps, return fuel conversions, and upgraded FPRs are included in 1+ pricing.1.8T vehicles that utilized a narrowband O2 sensor and 1/2 MB ECU are limited to 550cc injectors. (On most supported models, this is only applicable for model year 2000, although the TT and Beetle used the smaller narrowband ECU up to 2002 on vehicles not equipped with VVT).
  • 2.0T When it comes to HPFP internals, we will work with most of them assuming they came from a reputable source. And yes, that even includes some other tuning companies. Again, Amazon and eBay are not reputable sources for most parts.

Hybrid K04 – Stock Block This is for any turbo with a K04 sized compressor housing, including BorgWarner K04s. If you have a TT225, this covers FrankenTurbo, TTE, or any K04 sized turbo with larger than stock internals that is not a direct OEM replacement. Standard bolt-ons like intercoolers, exhausts, 3″ MAF housing with the OEM sensor, complete TT225 or VR6 MAFs. We just really need to know your exact MAF setup. Rods, cams, head swaps, other MAF setups and 3bar MAP sensors move you to one of the categories below.

Hybrid K04 – Built Block If you’ve upgraded rods, installed mild aftermarket cams, gone to an AEB head or otherwise modified the block, this covers any K04 sized turbo with those mods. It also covers 3bar MAP sensors.

Hybrid K04 – Built Block+ This is where you land if you’ve done block mods and 3bar MAP sensor with the addition of aggressive cams or have a blow-through or MAFless setup. More than likely you’re getting ready for a significantly larger turbo. Probably a good idea to email us at this point.

Big Turbo – This is for any turbo larger than a K04. A built bottom end is a really stellar idea. Anything larger than a GTRS will REQUIRE upgraded rods in most cases, especially if E85 is involved. Pricing is by quote. If you submit a quote request wanting to hit 500 wheel horsepower on a stock block 1.8T, we will likely assume you are trolling. If you would like to send us an email and discuss what it takes to meet your power goals on any of the platforms we support, we will gladly make suggestions. If you have big power goals and need to complete your build in phases due to budget, we can tune in phases. Just talk to us.

All Stages – Ok, this brings us to the more difficult part of the conversation. There are definitely things that CAN be done, but whether they SHOULD be done or if the stock ECU, stock block, stock fuel system, etc. is a good place to do them, is an entirely different matter. There are things that can be done but cost more. There are things that work if you have the time and money to rebuild between every race but may not if you don’t. There are some things we just won’t do. There are so many options we can’t possibly cover all of them here. The bottom line is that we encourage you to chat with our friendly staff about your particular situation before adding or removing parts.

Our Stage 1+ tunes are intended for turbos that were stock to the vehicle. In the case of the Audi TT, for example, we skip Stage 1 and go directly to 1+ since the stock turbo was a K04.

If you’ve upgraded your turbo from the stock K03 to an OEM K04 turbo, the Hybrid K04 tune encompasses OEM K04s installed on vehicles that came stock with a K03, or bundle options are available. If you have a TT225 that came with a K04, the 1+ covers the OEM BorgWarner turbo or direct replacement, but not hybrids. Please see the question above for a full rundown.

In cases where a K04 turbo has been used on a K03 car and injectors are stock, Stage 1 is an option. Stock fueling will not allow for K04 power levels, however, Stage 1 power levels are achievable. If you’ve replaced the OEM turbo with a K04 due to budget constraints and want stock power levels but need to prevent the overboost that comes with a K04, we can also help.

Typically, tunes are completed with the following number of log reviews:

Stage 1: 1-3

Stage 1+: 1-4

Hybrid K04: 5-7

Big Turbo: 5-10

A log review will not always result in a revision/new file but does mean that a tuner thoroughly reviewed your data log and that revision time was used. If there is a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed, we will let you know and may suggest that you take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic if we see the same issue repeatedly.

We are big fans of DIY, it’s at the heart of American racing, so please understand the suggestion to see a mechanic does not mean that we think you’re not awesome with cars; it means that sometimes people who do highly specialized work every day will ultimately save you time and money, have the proper tools, and give you a better shot at success. You probably don’t want your family doctor performing your heart transplant. Doesn’t mean they’re not a fine physician, just that some things need specialists.

Absolutely! They can be used if you need to do additional troubleshooting or if a few years go by and your car develops an issue that you’d like help diagnosing.

Single Log Review: $50.00

Minor Rework or 2 Reviews: $99.00 This is for changes like intakes, upgraded intercooler, upgraded fuel pumps, or rods with no additional block mods that do not require file changes to work, but alter performance once installed.

Rework or 3 Review Pack: $120.00. This covers changes that require file updates prior to installation (most injectors, new MAF housing with the stock sensor, increased fuel pressure, 3bar MAP sensors). For a rework this includes the setup and 2 log reviews. In many cases this can cover multiple hardware changes, but please talk to us about your plans so we can ensure that you’re not moving into Major Rework territory.

Major Rework: By Quote, starts at $150. This is for situations where the turbo stays the same but we’re dealing with multiple variables that affect overall vehicle operation. For example, if you’re changing injectors, throttle body, MAP, and MAF all at the same time, this is far more involved than new injectors and an intercooler.

All options give offer 90 days to complete the included reviews. If you need more than 90 days to complete the process, contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best option for your situation.

Currently our offerings are for belt driven TFSI engines. Chain driven engines fall into the EA888 category and use different ECUs. If you need help determining your engine type, please get in touch.

The MX-USB interface, as well as the Motoza PS software, are yours to keep.