The Works Upgrade Package


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The Works Upgrade Package

Save over $100 when you bundle optional tune features! Switch fuel maps at the touch of a button with Multi-Tune Control, (MTC). Build boost at a stop without putting load on the engine with User-Adjustable Launch Control, and use Rolling Anti-Lag to maintain and build boost while driving at a fixed speed.

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  • Includes MTC, User Adjustable Launch Control, and Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Manual Transmission Required/550cc or Larger Injectors Required for E85 use
  • No Lift Shift & Brake Boost Available on Request
  • For use with existing or new Motoza tunes for 1.8T & 2.7T (see additional information)
  • Launch Control, No Lift Shift and Rolling Anti-Lag Sold for Competition Use ONLY vehicles. Competition use only vehicles are not registered and do not have a VIN.

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Multi-Tune Control (MTC) 

Allows up to four fuel maps on wideband ECUs, two on narrow band. Select any octane that’s available to you including race fuel, ECON to run the car at stock levels, E85 for inexpensive performance, or add Water/Methanol to the mix. You choose! 550cc or larger injectors are needed for E85 use. This package can be added to Stage 1 vehicles without E85.

User Adjustable Launch Control

Allows you to build boost while at a stop. You control the RPMs for launch. Loud, fire-breathing goodness.

Rolling Anti-Lag

Maintains boost at fixed speeds, cruise stalk operated. Why yes, you can still use cruise control normally. Both this and UALC should be used with care and only on a closed course.

Additional Information

This upgrade is only for use with Motoza Performance tuning and is not compatible with other tunes.
Compatible with 2.7 APB engine code and other engine codes prior to 2002. Not compatible with BEL or ME7.1.1 ECUs.
Rolling Anti-Lag is not compatible with some narrowband ECUs. Please contact us to confirm availability on TT AMU engines and for MY 2000 1.8T engines.

Additional information

Off-road use ONLY

Products on this site are off-road use only and require a signed form prior to shipping stating that you understand and agree to these terms. Additional proof that the vehicle is unable to be used on public roads may be required. Currently all California customers must sign this form.

Federal Law States:

Vehicle Code § 27156:
(b) No person shall operate or leave standing upon a highway a motor vehicle that is required to be equipped with a motor vehicle pollution control device under Part 5 (commencing with Section 43000) of Division 26 of the Health and Safety Code or any other certified motor vehicle pollution control device required by any other state law or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to that law, or required to be equipped with a motor vehicle pollution control device pursuant to the National Emission Standards Act (42 U.S.C. Secs. 7521 to 7550, inclusive) and the standards and regulations adopted pursuant to that federal act, unless the motor vehicle is equipped with the required motor vehicle pollution control device that is correctly installed and in operating condition. No person shall disconnect, modify, or alter any such required device.
(c) No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or advertise any device, apparatus, or mechanism intended for use with, or as a part of, a required motor vehicle pollution control device or system that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control device or system.

Health and Safety Code § 43000:
43001. The provisions of this part shall not apply to:
(a) Racing vehicles.

As the aforementioned code sections outline, it is against the law to operate or use a vehicle on public streets or highways with modified, altered, or disconnected motor vehicle pollution control devices. This may include but is not limited to, Evaporative Fuel Controls, Catalysts, DPF, PTOX, PCV Systems, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems, Oxygen Sensors, Thermostatic Air Cleaners, Air Intake Systems, Fuel Injectors, Regulators, Adjustable Cam Gears, ECU Programming, Mapping, or other Computer Modifications. Air Pumps, Air Injection, Timing, and any other Emission System Modification(s).

The purchaser acknowledges on check-out and prior to shipping that Motoza Performance products may not be used on public roads and are sold for racing applications. The purchaser certifies that their intended use is for racing and/or off-road applications and that Motoza Performance products will not be misused.

Purchaser agrees to indemnify Motoza Performance, its parent companies, all employees, officers, owners, and subsidiaries for any civil or criminal liability arising out of use of Purchasers vehicle on public streets or highways as Purchaser has been duly notified of the laws and regulations regarding disconnecting, alteration, or modification of a vehicle’s pollution control devices. Purchaser understands and acknowledges that they have been advised that driving a modified vehicle on public streets or highways could result in criminal or civil penalties.