Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Motoza Team! This guide will get you started with the software or you can download the complete user manual from your account.

  1. First, follow the link and ensure that COM ports are properly mounted if using Windows 10 or 11.
  2. Download and Install Motoza PS from your account. (If you are running Windows Home Edition in S Mode, switch out of SMode for now. You can put it back in S-Mode if desired.
  3. Insure you are connected for the internet before connecting your cable for the first time – after you’re set up you won’t need to be connected to use the software.
  4. Give the cable a moment to install and recognize its drivers. The light will turn yellow when it’s ready.
  5. If you’re not already there, head to your vehicle.
  6. Connect a battery tender at 1-3 amps
  7. Turn your ignition to accessory on – key on, engine off. While reading or writing the ECU make sure that there is no additional battery draw. Leave doors closed and do not operate windows while reading or writing. Leave the radio off, phone chargers unplugged, etc. 2003 and later Allroad owners – click here! (Opens a new tab)
  8. Gently connect the cable to your OBDII port.
  9. Open Motoza PS
    • Click on the Settings Tab and click “Auto Detect”
    • Wait for the interface to be found
    • Click “Save Settings” once the cable is found
    • Click Connect. Once connected your ECU ID will display.
    • Click the Read Tab. You’ll be prompted to save the file to your computer.
    • After the read completes, close the software and disconnect the cable.
  10. By default your read file will save to C: MotozaPS > My ECU unless you selected another location.
  11. Upload the file to your user account and we’ll get you scheduled!
    *If you are currently tuned, the ECU is unlikely to read. In this event, simply email or upload a screenshot of the ECU ID from the connect screen.

Troubleshooting Guides can be found here: https://motozaperformance.com/troubleshooting-guides/