Troubleshooting Guides

Having trouble connecting to your vehicle? We're here to help.

Read Issues

  • The read procedure only needs to be completed prior to your initial tune file creation. Tuned ECUs will typically not read over OBD. If you are attempting to get a read prior to tuning and cannot, or you have received an error message stating, "ECU read service disabled due to aftermarket software," take a screenshot of the ECU ID that appears on the connect screen and send it to the support address. 

  • ECUs tuned with a physical chip are not common, but if your vehicle is older than ~2002 and your read out is less than 1/2 MB for a narrowband 1.8 or less than 1MB for 2.7 and wideband 1.8s, it may be tuned with a physical chip. 

    Physically chipped ECUs will need to have the chip removed or you may source a new ECU. 

    In many cases we can de-solder chips, however, we do encourage you to send photos first to ensure that removal has a high likelihood of success. We strongly encourage you to contact us before attempting to open your ECU. We can provide detailed instructions on ECU removal and opening. 

    There is a fee for chip removal to cover labor, chip replacement, and shipping. If you choose to source a new ECU, we can assist you with part numbers and will offer a discount on an immobilizer defeat. 

Writing Issues

Writing issues are uncommon. Battery voltage drops or laptop restarts/battery failure are the most common causes. As mentioned in the manual, recovery mode may occur, but typically results only in a longer writing time. 

For 1.8T/2.7T, If you get an "ECU write failed message, leave the key ON, click on the write tab and attempt to flash your stock file or previous file. Contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Should this fail, your ECU can be recovered but will need to be sent to us. We will test your file on the bench; if the ECU crash was related to the file we will either send a label or reimburse shipping and cover shipping back to you. If the crash is not file related, you will need to cover shipping costs to us and for the ECU return; recovery will not incur a labor charge. 

For 2.0T: 2.0T ECUs can be recovered in the vehicle even if the key has been turned off, however if you can leave the key on that is ideal.

  • Unplug fans if possible. 
  • Open Motoza PS if closed. 
  • Attempt to connect with the key on, engine off. Connection may fail, but leave the key on. 
  • Leave the key on for a full 10 minutes. 
  • After the 10 minute time out, go directly to the write tab and select your stock file or previous file.  
  • You may get an error message, however, in a few seconds the write should begin and complete as usual. 

Logging Issues

  • Are you seeing "ECU configuration file not found." Send us a screenshot of your ECU ID. We will send you a patch file and full instructions. 
  • Logs don't contain any data. This is typically the result of not hitting the stop button after logging. Re-log, and when your drive is complete, click the stop button once your logging session is complete before closing the software. 
  • Can't find the logs? By default logs are saved to C: Motoza PS > My Logs. 
    If you do not see them, ensure that you have clicked the stop button. If the log is still not visible, close the software and then go back to My Logs in File Explorer.