Stage 2 Tuning Bundle for 2.0T: Audi A3


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The ultimate stock turbo setup for 2.0T

Stage 2 or 2+ Remote Tuning Kit with MTC and HPFP Upgrade

The tune, hardware, and support you need to take your EA113 engine to the next level in one convenient package. Ideal for use with Water Methanol, ethanol blends, or for multiple boost levels.

More Powerful

Combine the power of Motoza custom tuning with the quality of Autotech’s HPFP kit and the convenience of MTC.  The Autotech high-pressure fuel pump kit takes your fueling to the next level and beyond. Stage 2 with the Autotech HPFP on 93 octane puts most cars at 267chp/310ctq on 93 octane. Water methanol injection or ethanol blends can provide an additional 5%-20% more power depending on fueling modifications, vehicle and testing conditions.

*An upgraded fuel pressure relief valve is required for ethanol use. We suggest at least 140 bar (RS4), or higher.

More Precise

You’ll be able to switch between four map selections with the touch of a button. Each calibration is set up to maximize the fuel type selected. Available calibrations include economy, 91, 95RON, 93, 98RON, 100, Water Methanol, and Ethanol Blends or full E85.

Stage Options

Stage 2 is designed for OEM injectors, the Autotech HPFP and may be used with or without an upgraded fuel pressure relief valve and/or upgraded low pressure fueling. We suggest Stage 2+ if your interest in full E85 is related to power gains. Stage 2 will let you run full E85, however, power gains will be better with ethanol blends versus full E85 if still utilizing stock injectors and low pressure fuel components. If using E85 primarily for cost savings, or using water methanol injection, Stage 2 is for you.

Stage 2+ is designed for use with upgraded injectors, (S3/TTS/GolfR or RS4 injectors). For full E85 use we suggest upgrading the low pressure fuel pump and controller along with the HPFP and injectors and fuel pressure relief valve.

Water Methanol Injection can be used with either Stage 2 or 2+. We suggest around 175 ccs at the throttle plate for single nozzle setups or around 75 ccs at the throttle and 125 ccs post intercooler for dual nozzle setups. If you plan to use significantly larger nozzle sizes, please contact us first. MAF or boost based WMI controllers may be used with Stage 2. You can read more about WMI by clicking this text.

Additional Information

We suggest replacing your cam follower regularly when using any upgraded HPFP.

Here’s the price breakdown when purchased separately: Stage 2 Tune – $539.00 (Stage 2+ $589.00), Autotech HPFP – $349.99, Multi-Tune Upgrade – $129.00 = $1017.99 (2+$1067.99) Savings of $98.99 when bundled.


Kit Includes:

Stage 2 or 2+ Remote Tune

Up to 4 Revisions

Motoza Remote Tuning Kit

Motoza MTC© for 2.0T

Autotech HPFP Upgrade



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