Stage 2 Tuning Bundle for 2.0T: VW Eos IF7


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The ultimate stock turbo setup is here for 2.0T

Stage 2 Remote Tuning Kit with MTC and HPFP Upgrade

The tune, hardware, and support you need to take your EA113 engine to the next level in one convenient package.

More Powerful

Combine the power of Motoza custom tuning with the quality of Autotech’s HPFP kit and the convenience of MTC.  The Autotech high-pressure fuel pump kit takes your fueling to the next level and beyond. E85 puts your Stage 2 at 294 chp and 340 ctq.

An upgraded fuel pressure relief valve is needed to take full advantage of E85. We suggest at least 140 bar (RS4), or higher.

More Precise

You’ll be able to switch between four fuel types with the touch of a button, including E85. Each map is set up to maximize the fuel type selected. Available calibrations include Economy, 91, 95RON, 93, 98RON, 100, Water Methanol, and E85.

More Sustainable

E85 gives you more for less. Not only does E85 burn cooler, it’s easier on your wallet.

Kit Includes:

Stage 2 Remote Tune

Up to 4 Revisions

Motoza Remote Tuning Kit

Motoza MTC© for 2.0T

Autotech HPFP Upgrade





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