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Wideband Conversion Harness for 1.8T

Whether you’re taking your project to the next level, or just want the benefits of real time fuel correction, upgrading your primary O2 sensor and ECU gives you more options. The Bosch wideband sensor was hailed as a significant leap forward in fuel management and efficiency when it was introduced.

We even throw in a few extras for you.

The harness kit includes the wideband O2 harness, a roll of Tesa high heat resistant tape, and terminal ends. You provide a genuine Bosch O2 sensor. Why don’t we connect the terminal ends? Because that way, you can trim leads to fit your chassis.

If you’d like us to source an ECU for you, we absolutely can. When purchased through us, we’ll turn off the ECU immobilizer for you so you’re ready to go. We can leave the new ECU completely stock, or program it to run without variable valve timing, which was not an option on most narrowband vehicles. ECUs will vary in price based on the used market and what’s available and compatible with your vehicle.

If you’ve already sourced an ECU, we can immo defeat it for you and ship it back with the harness. Please note, that if the ECU you plan to use is already tuned, we can immo defeat it, but will not alter the existing tune. We can either return it to stock on request, with or without VVT changes, you can purchase a Motoza tune to be flashed while your ECU is here, or we can leave it as is and just turn off the immobilizer.
The immobilizer defeat option includes return shipping – insured and signature required.

If you need help determining what ECU part numbers are appropriate for your vehicle, just send us an email and we can assist.


2000-2002 TT225 AMU

2000-2001 TT180

2000 GTI/Golf

2000 GLI/Jetta

2000-2001 New Beetle (some early New Beetles had a wideband sensor)

2000 A4

2000 Passat


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