Upgrade to Big Turbo


 Upgrade to Big Turbo

*Please contact us to discuss your upgrade to Big Turbo from any existing Motoza tune. We want to make sure we’re delivering the best to you and pricing is based on your planned modifications. We’ll save you the pain of having to purchase a new tune, but pricing does vary on Big Turbo builds based on complexity and desired outcomes. Fill out our Big Turbo Upgrade form and we’ll give you a quote on your project. Pricing starts as low as $100.00 USD.

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Required Upgrades:
Injectors (Bosch 550cc, 750cc or 1000cc)
Upgraded Diverter Valve
Upgraded Turbo
Recommended Upgrades:
3″ or larger MAF Housing
High-Flow CAT
Upgraded Rods
Power Gains:
300-600hp / 300-400lb-ft


  • Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with your existing Motoza tuning kit
  • Built to your specific turbo
  • Customized to optimize each customer’s modifications and hardware
  • Can be customized for e85 fueling (optional upgrade)
  • Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer
  • Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance
  • Increased power and torque
  • Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation


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