Upgrade: Stage 2 to Hybrid K04


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Upgrade: Stage 2 to Hybrid K04

*Requires an existing Motoza Stage 2 Tune

Required Upgrades:
TTS/S3/Golf R or RS4 injectors
HPFP Upgrade
K04 or Hybrid K04 Turbo
Upgraded Diverter Valve
Recommended Upgrades:
Upgraded LPFP and Controller
High-Flow CAT
Power Gains:
*Varies with Hardware

*Contact Support for accurate power gain information. Rods are required for 3bar MAP sensor on vehicles that did come stock with one; rods required for E85 use.

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  • Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with your existing Motoza tuning kit
  • Customized for larger K04 or Hybrid K04 turbos
  • Includes setup and 2 log reviews for stock block, 4 reviews for built block, and 5 reviews for 3bar/programmable LPFP controlers
  • Customized to optimize upgraded HPFP and larger injectors
  • Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer
  • Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance
  • Increased power and torque
  • Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation
  • Easily upgrade your tune at a later time without penalty


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