Upgrade: ST 1 to ST 1+ 2.7T


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Upgrade: Stage 1 to Stage 1+

*Applicable for all 1.8T and 2.7T models we support. Image is a representation only, this is a virtual product that will be uploaded to your account.
If you need injectors for your upgrade, click to view our upgrade kit.

Required Upgrades:
Current Motoza Stage 1 Tune
550cc Injectors, will support injectors up to 1000cc
Upgraded Diverter Valve
Recommended Upgrades:
High-Flow CAT
Power Gains:
344hp / 395lb-ft

*All numbers produced using 93 octane and subject to vehicle’s condition.

Our injector policy applies: Injectors must come from us or a reputable source, NOT eBay or Amazon. You can email us for a list of other suppliers.

Tune is a virtual product that will be uploaded to your account. Box images are representational only.


  • Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with remote tuning kit (included FREE)
  • Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer
  • Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance
  • Increased efficiency and fuel economy
  • Increased power and torque
  • Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation
  • Rev-limiter raised
  • Speed restrictions removed
  • Easily upgrade your tune at a later time
  • Upgrade to MTC (multi-tune control) available
  • Need Injectors? Click click

Supported Hardware for Stage 1+

Injectors must come from a reputable source. Bosch 550cc (0 280 158 117) is our preferred injector, it can be used with E85 and gives you room to upgrade. If  you have injectors larger than 550cc, please email us and let us know what you have. We can typically accommodate them, but there is an upcharge depending on size and manufacturer. If you purchase 750cc and larger injectors through Motoza, the upcharge for injectors over 550cc on a Stage 1+ will be waived.

Bosch Green Giant 440s are also options for pump gas. Please see the Injector Policy section below.

If you have a turbo larger than a K03S, please see our Hybrid K04 or Big Turbo options.

Intended for the stock MAF. 85mm MAFs can be supported for an additional charge.

Diverter valve can be piston style, full recirculating or hybrid, but no BOVs. The Bosch 710N diverter valve is another good choice for Stage 1 and 1+.

No limitations on intercoolers, intakes, exhausts, or fuel pumps. For upgraded intakes, please use a dry filter. If using an oiled filter, regular MAF cleaning will be needed. *Any exhaust may be used but additional track car verification may be required for full support of some exhaust types.

Built blocks and 2.8 cams are supported. More aggressive cams, upgraded throttle bodies, and MAFs larger than 85mm are not included at this price level, but we are happy to provide a quote.

Injector Policy

Injectors are the heart of your build. They need to be genuine Bosch or properly modified with a detailed flow report. Injectors must come from a reputable source, there are too many counterfeit and subpar rebuilds that do not flow as advertised, may damage your engine, they waste time and money and we will not support them. This site is, of course, a reputable source, but there are others and we will gladly share that list via email. It even includes other tuning companies; we’d rather you buy genuine injectors from another tuner than purchase cheap, ineffective, or knock-off injectors. Injectors purchased on auction and third party sites that ship in boxes with smiles on them are not worth your money & time. In short, if you are looking for places to save money on your project, injectors are not the place to do it. 

We expect that cars will fuel differently based on age and condition, however, all of the injectors supported by the Stage 1+ have a normal range of variance. If your injectors are not within this range you may be required to replace them or flow test them at your expense.

Use of this site and purchase of products from Motoza Performance and motozaperformance.com constitute acceptance of all terms of service.