Upgrade: ST 1 to Hybrid K04 2.7T


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Upgrade: Stage 1 to Hybrid K04

Please select this option if you are upgrading to either an OEM BorgWarner K04 or a Hybrid K04 turbo.

*Please contact us with questions about model years

Required Upgrades:
Current Motoza Stage 1 Tune
Injectors (Bosch 550cc or larger)
Upgraded Diverter Valve
K04 or Hybrid K04 Turbo
Recommended Upgrades:
3″ MAF Housing
Power Gains:
Varies with Hardware and Fuel 360-520hp/400-500lb-ft


*All numbers produced using 93 octane and subject to vehicle’s condition.
For customers planning to run E85 with a hybrid K04, we suggest at least a 750cc injector.
Injector policy applies, if you do not purchase injectors through us, they must come from a reputable source. Email us if you would like the supplier list or view our injector options.
Please feel free to contact support regarding the ideal injector for your build or to discuss power gains.

Tune is a virtual product that will be uploaded to your account. Box images are representational only.


  • Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with remote tuning kit (included FREE)
  • Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer
  • Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance
  • Increased power and torque
  • Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation
  • Rev-limiter raised
  • Speed restrictions removed
  • Easily upgrade your tune at a later time
  • Upgrade to MTC (multi-tune control) available


Modification Options

A K04 or hybrid is a fantastic choice for many drivers. Enough power to keep things fun, quick spool to get you out of corners, and they can be installed with minor modifications. They suit many driving styles and budgets.

They can also be installed with serious modifications. and everywhere in between. This information is intended to help you sort out where you want to be or where you are. Upgrades between these levels may be purchased as your build develops.

Level 1 is the standard 2.7T K04 project with stock MAP, 85mm MAF and injectors up to 750cc. Level 2 supports injectors up to 1000cc and/or any 1 (ONE) of the following:

  • 3bar MAP
  • Aftermarket Throttle Body, (Hemi, or Bosch units over 76mm)*
  • MAF housings larger than 85mm or alternative MAFs

*76mm and smaller Bosch throttle bodies used on other Audi/VW models do not count toward Level 3. For example, you could use an RS4 throttle body and 3bar MAP and stay at Level 2, but a Hemi TB and 3bar MAP put you at Level 3 pricing.

Level 3 supports any combination of the list above and 1000 – 1200cc injectors or is the option to select if you have upgraded cams other than 2.8 cams.


Covers OEM K04’s, hybrids, or K24s, up to TTE600 (TTE680 & larger move to Big Turbo)

MAF/MAF Housing Project Type Notes
Stock MAF/Stock Housing All Sufficient for pump gas projects with lower power goals.
Stock MAF sensor with 85mm housing All Covers the vast majority of K04 projects on 2.7T. Intakes that integrate the MAF sensor should have their ID confirmed.
Bosch to Hitachi conversion, stock or 85mm housing All
Housings larger than 85mm Level 2 & 3 We suggest measuring the inner diameter if using an intake that integrates the MAF.
Blow-through MAF Level 2 & 3 Only supported on Level 2 & 3 builds

Fuel Pump

Aftermarket fuel pumps are supported at any level. Vehicles on pump gas with may use the OEM pump if it’s in good condition, if it’s falling short, an upgrade may be needed. We very strongly suggest upgrading for E85 use with the stock block. Most modified block projects and all heavily modified builds will need an aftermarket pump.


Unlike many modifications, intercoolers and fuel pumps are in the bigger is better category. Larger intercoolers are supported on all levels and strongly recommended in hot climates. Vehicles in mild climates can occasionally get away with the stock intercooler or an upgraded side mount.

Diverter Valves

Piston style valves with spring options are ideal. Fully recirculating or hybrid valves may be used. Hybrid valves must be set to full recirculation during tuning.

MAP Sensor

The stock MAP is ideal for most projects and for turbo longevity. 3bar MAP sensors are only supported Levels 2 & 3. As a general rule going to the edge of what a 3bar sensor can meter is not advised without proper supporting mods.


2.8 cams supported on all options, for any other cam options please use the Level 3 option.

Throttle Body

It takes a lot of power for the stock throttle body to be a restriction. More than most K04 builds will produce. Upgraded throttle bodies are also in the heavily modified tier. Aftermarket throttle bodies not produced by Audi/VW are not included at this price point but can be supported for an additional charge.


Any exhaust may be used but some may require additional track car verification for full support.


Injectors are the heart of your build. They need to be genuine Bosch or properly modified with a detailed flow report. Injectors must come from a reputable source, there are too many counterfeit and subpar rebuilds that do not flow as advertised, may damage your engine, and they waste time and money and we will not support them. This site is, of course, a reputable source, but there are others and we will gladly share that list via email. It even includes other tuning companies; we’d rather you buy genuine injectors from another tuner than purchase cheap, ineffective, or knock-off injectors. Injectors purchased on auction and third party sites that ship in boxes with smiles on them are not worth your money & time. In short, if you are looking for places to save money on your project, injectors are not the place to do it. 

Left: Genuine Bosch 0 280 158 117. Right: “Remanufactured” 550cc.

Modified Injectors
750cc and larger should be flow matched.  They should come with a flow report for the exact set of injectors you purchased, not a generic one.  Static variance on quality injectors is typically ~2% and under. Variance should be less than 5% for use on the stock ECU and should be noted on your flow report. Spray pattern matters, especially for E85 use. It’s simple enough to increase the flow of an injector, it’s not as simple to to increase flow and retain spray pattern.

The Correct Injector
Bosch sells injectors for numerous applications Injector size alone is not indicative of a proper injectors. EV-14 refers only to the body style. For an OEM 550cc, there should be 6 openings on the nozzle and the part number is 0 280 158 117. The injector on the left is Bosch, the one on the right was purchased from a place that rhymes with relay. Not only is the filter basket on the right incorrect, but in this case the housing spins right around the body. When tested, the injector on the right flowed around 200ccs at 3bar pressure. That’s less flow than stock. Not all sub-par injectors are this easy to spot, but the stories about cheap, failed injectors are very easy to find online.

There are injectors that were popular in the past that may be appropriate for pump gas applications, but are not appropriate for ethanol use. Some of these are not ideal in terms of spray pattern or how they respond to tuning. We can work with them, but for the best results please follow injector recommendations. We will support Bosch 621/630cc injectors but they are getting harder to find in the US. We will also support Siemens, but there is an additional $100 fee and they may only be used with pump gas.

If you don’t want to purchase multiple sets of injectors for multiple stages, we get it. It’s better to have and not need when it comes to fuel availability, but not at the expense of quality and reliability. Feel free to reach out with information regarding the injectors you have or want to purchase. If injectors are not responding the way we expect for their size once tuning begins, a comprehensive flow test may be required from a select list of testers at your expense. Should they fail flow testing, new injectors will need to be procured before tuning is resumed.

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