MTC Upgrade

Switch fuel or boost options without a re-flash!


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Motoza MTC © (Multi-Tune Control)


  • Now you have the power to switch between multiple tunes with a simple click of a button. Motoza MTC© gives you flawless, easy control to update your tuning preferences on-the-go
  • Choose up to four fuel types or boost profiles! Select from any octane (AKI or RON) 91 and higher, E85, ethanol blends, or water methanol. Econ (stock boost and timing) or dead map available.
  • Simply launch MotozaPS on your laptop, select from available tunes, and you’re ready to go, no re-flash required

Choose any four fuel types based on what’s available to you.

  • Economy (Stock levels)
  • 91/92/93/95
  • 95RON/98RON/100RON
  • Race Gas
  • E85 (Requires Stage 1+ or above and 550cc Injectors)
  • Water Methanol can be added as a stand-alone map or in addition to any other fuel type

Requires new or existing Motoza Tune, cannot be added to other companies’ tunes.

  • Includes 1 additional log review for  Stage 1 and Stage 1+
  • Includes 2 additional log reviews for K04 and Big Turbo
  • Requires a Motoza tune – may be purchased with initial tune or added to an existing Motoza tune
  • Stage 1+ or higher and 550cc or larger injectors required for E85
  • Water Methanol or 100+ octanes available on all tuning stages
  • Select ‘Custom’ if your preferred fuel combination is not in the dropdown or if you would like different boost levels
  • If not purchased from this site, injectors must come from a reputable source.

MTC is a virtual product that will be uploaded to your account. Box images are representational only.


If outside North America, please contact us prior to placing your order.

1.8T (See below for Audi TT)
Model Year 2000 (Some 2001 Passats will only accommodate 2 maps) 2
All other years 4
S4 4
A6 C5 & Allroad 2000-2002 4
2003-2005 (BEL engine code) Not Currently Available
Audi TT225 AMU
2000-2001 2
2001.5-2002 2 or 4 depending on ECU p/n
Audi TT225 BEA
2002-2005 4
Audi TT180
2000 Not Available
2000.5-2001 2
2002-2006 4



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