MTC Upgrade for 2.0T


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Motoza MTC © (Multi-Tune Control)

Now you have the power to switch between multiple tunes with a simple click of a button. Using our state of the art PC software, Motoza MTC© gives you flawless, easy control to update your tuning preferences on-the-go.

Simply launch MotozaPS on your laptop select from available tunes, and you’re ready to go.  No complicated procedures, just a simple and easy to use interface.

Requires new or existing Motoza Tune, cannot be added to other companies’ tunes.

Choose any four fuel types based on what’s available to you.

  • Economy (Stock levels)
  • 91/92/93/95
  • 95RON/98RON/100RON
  • Race Gas (100 octane AKI or higher)
  • E85 (Requires Stage 2 or above and upgraded FPRV)
  • Water Methanol can be added as a stand-alone map or in addition to any other fuel type

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