Immobilizer Defeat for MED9.x ECUs


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Immobilizer Defeat MED9.x (2.0T)

If you need to transplant a newer engine into a project vehicle, replace a damaged ECU, or just swap ECUs, the immobilizer feature can become a serious headache.  We offer both immobilizer cloning and immobilizer defeats.

This service is also quite helpful if you want to avoid the extra cost associated with programming replacement keys and do it yourself.

Keep in mind that you will need VCDS or ODIS to program keys to the cluster, but we can pull your PIN/SKC on request so you can avoid going to a dealer to have keys paired. Many reputable Euro shops are able to program new keys IF they have your PIN/SKC; we are happy to work with your shop. See the FAQs below for more information.

The ECU needs to be shipped to us in order to perform any of these services. Clones require that both the old and new ECU are sent to us.

Please contact us for more information or for expedited shipping options; ECUs are shipped back fully insured for their replacement value.

If you are unsure what type of ECU you have, get in touch. We can perform this service on many VAG ECUs that we do not tune, (such as naturally aspirated models), just email us your part number to confirm. You can usually find your ECU type under the part number after the word “Bosch” and the letters MED. Click here for Motronic 7 ECU services.

Important Shipping Information
ECUs should be well wrapped in bubble wrap or other cushioning material for shipping and your name should either be written on the ECU in permanent marker or included on a note in the box to avoid delays. If we are cloning your immobilizer, please identify which ECU is which. Please make sure retaining brackets are removed. There will be an additional labor charge of $85.00 if we are required to cut brackets. You are welcome to have an ECU sent to us from a third party; just make sure you send us the tracking and seller information ASAP so that we can properly match your ECU to your service ticket when it arrives.

MED9 (Motronic 9) ECUs should be sent to our Illinois office:

Motoza Performance
Attn: Oliver Harris
1940 Municipal Way #734
Round Lake IL, 60073

ECU Service FAQs

My ECU was previously tuned, will an immo defeat erase the tune? 

Nope, your tune will remain untouched.

Do I need an immobilizer defeat to get a tune? 

Our tunes do not require an immo defeat.

I just bought a Motoza tune and I also need an immo defeat, will you flash the Motoza tune onto my ECU while it’s there? 

Yes, indeed. We can also flash the ECU back to stock if needed.

Can you clone my old tune on to a new ECU? 

For existing Motoza clients who have an ECU fail, the answer is usually yes. Shoot us an email first. For customers who are tuned by another company, we can clone your immobilizer, but not your tune. Most reputable companies have a process for you to get re-flashed in cases of ECU failure.

What’s the turnaround time? 

Most of the time we ship ECUs back out the next business day, (M-F), after they are received. If you’re planning to overnight the ECU to us because you’re in a bind, we suggest choosing A.M. delivery from UPS or FedEx to ensure the ECU arrives early enough to go out same day. Absolutely, positively put identifying information on your ECU or on a piece of paper inside the shipping box to avoid delays and contact us ahead of time if you have a rush order.

Will you source an ECU for me? 

Sure! We’re also happy to help you determine which part numbers will fit your car before you purchase an ECU. Get in touch if you need a quote for an ECU.


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