DSG Tuning – DQ250


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DSG Tune – DQ250

Model Years: 2007.5 – 2008 GTI / GLI; 2008 – 2012 TT / TTS; 2007.5 – 2009 A3; 2007.5 – 2008 Eos

Transmission Codes Supported:

Group Exx (Mid MK5 Models)

02E 927 770 AJ
02E 927 770 AK

Group Fxx (Late MK5, MK6, and TT)

02E 927 770 AL
02E 927 770 AM
02E 927 770 AT

Not sure where to find your transmission code? Existing Motoza customers can contact us and we will send you a software tool to retrieve the hardware number needed using our cable. VCDS or OBDEleven can also retrieve these codes. The 3 letter EXX or FXX code can be found next to your engine code on the vehicle identification label found in your spare tire well. This label is also included in your service manual. From there, use software to obtain the “hardware number.”  If you are very very nice to them, some dealership parts departments can provide you this information if you provide your VIN number. Please confirm compatibility before ordering! If needed we can send you a cable and software to determine your DSG hardware number with a deposit.


Can I order a DSG tune if my ECU is tuned by another company? You can, but it’s not recommended. Some tunes do not address all of the parameters needed to allow for full control of the DSG; other tunes may conflict with our flashing tool. For best results, pair with a Motoza tune. If tuning with another company, you may need to revert to stock, flash the DSG and then flash your tune. We suggest getting in touch if you plan to use another tune with our DSG software before placing an order.

Optional logging and customization is available with two TCU log reviews for aggressive K04 and Big Turbo vehicles.


What’s Included?

  • DSG Tune
  • AlienTech PowerGate OBD Programmer



  • Shift points optimized to pair with tuning stage
  • Faster shifting
  • Specify launch rpm, disable kickdown and auto upshift in manual mode on request
  • Clutch pressure and clamping force increased
  • Torque limitations removed*
  • Allows for more power and torque with the correct tune
  • Flashed over OBD
  • PowerGate unit allows for flashing over OBD
  • DSG tune upgrades with Motoza tunes at no additional charge

This is a virtual product that will be uploaded to your account. Box images are representational only. The flashing unit will be shipped.


*PowerGate screen images simulated for clarity, tune is a virtual product delivered to your Motoza account. The OBD programmer will be shipped and delivery requires a signature. It is yours to keep but tied to your vehicle. All Motoza software is sold for closed course competition use where permissible by law. Please review Terms and Conditions. Torque limitations can be retained on request.

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