Big Turbo Quote Request

Whether you’re upgrading an existing Motoza tune to Big Turbo or tuning with us for the first time, please complete the form below. A real live tuner will review it and we’ll quote either the upgrade or the build. Upgrades start at $350.00, new tunes start at $789.00.

Please note, due to the proliferation of sub-par injectors being sold on third party seller sites, injectors MUST come from a reputable source and have a detailed flow report if not purchased from us.

Please feel free to email us if you have questions regarding anything on this form. Click “Next” at the end of the first page and be sure to hit “Submit” on the second page. Quotes are valid for 90 days; changes to hardware may change pricing so we’ll ask to confirm your build prior to setting up your tune. Because we don’t require a specific set of modifications, there are a lot of variables and therefore a lot of questions.