Big Turbo Tune: VW Beetle – MK2

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Big Turbo Remote Tuning: VW Beetle – MK2 (2.0T / EA 113)

Prices Start at $689.00. Please complete a Big Turbo Quote Request Form

Make your MK2 Big Turbo Beetle better with custom tuning. No off the shelf files here, everything is set up for your build and your Beetle. Experience the Motoza difference with exceptional customer service and support. Tell us more about your big turbo Beetle project and how we can help.

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Model Years: 2006-2008 *Please contact us with questions about model years.


Talk to us about your power goals and we’ll help you get there. We work with a wide range of upgraded parts and mods, however, we do have strong preferences when it comes to injectors and diverter vs. blow-off valves.  That said, this is a custom tune, not an off-the-shelf product. We encourage you to email us to discuss your build. Pricing is based on the number of revisions we think your tune will need, the size of turbo installed, the number of modifications, and your power goals. You’ll work closely with one of our tuners throughout the revision process to ensure you’re getting the most out of your build.

Required Upgrades:
Injectors RS4
Upgraded Diverter Valve
Upgraded Turbo
High-Flow CAT or Test Pipe
Recommended Upgrades:
3″ or larger MAF Housing
Upgraded Rods
Power Gains:
350-600hp / 300-400lb-ft


*All numbers produced using 93 octane and subject to vehicle’s condition.


Remote Tuning Kit Includes:

  • Selected ECU Software Upgrade
  • Motoza MX-USB Interface
  • MotozaPS for the PC
  • Carrying Case and Quick Start Guide
  • Free Motoza Member account, which lets you store, upload, and download data logs and tuning files online.



  • Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with remote tuning kit (included FREE)
  • Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer
  • Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance
  • Increased efficiency and fuel economy
  • Increased power and torque
  • Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation
  • Rev-limiter raised
  • Speed restrictions removed
  • Easily upgrade your tune at a later time without penalty
  • MTC (multi-tune control) upgrade available


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