The Next Generation of Tuning

Motoza offers an exciting and unique tuning experience, each tune we do is setup specifically for and calibrated to your exact hardware.  After purchasing a tune each customer completes a hardware sheet detailing specific modifications such as upgraded turbos, injectors, larger MAF housings, and specific octanes.  We even offer support for exotic builds with changes in displacement, compression ratio, CAMS, larger throttle bodies, alternative fuels and much more.  Our USB interface and software is supplied at no additional cost with every tune we do and allows you to easily read program your own ECU with no previous experience.

We further ensure that the vehicle is running as expected by reviewing data logs of your car in real world driving conditions, helping troubleshoot hardware issues when necessary, and fine tuning to get the most from each vehicle we tune.

  •   Experience.

    Every tune we do is important, and every tune we do draws from years of tuning experience. Motoza has custom tuned VW and Audi vehicles world wide ranging from hobbyists to competitive motorsports. We are able to leverage this experience to offer customers support for a far wider range of equipment and to meet their unique needs.

  • Quality. Precision. Power.

    Our aim is to harness the true potential of these vehicles, from simple stage 1 tunes to the most exotic builds. Every tune we do is purpose built for each customer's hardware to breathe new life into these platforms by providing owners with precise and powerful software to suit their build.

  • Innovation.

    Motoza is a pioneer of remote tuning of VAG vehicles and has developed its own hardware and software in house. These proprietary tools give our calibrations an edge over the competition, and gives our customers additional features which can not be found through traditional tuners.

Meet the Owner

Dave2.jpg David Donnelly, owner and founder of Motoza Performance, INC has lived and worked as a mechanical engineer since 2006. Originally from New Mexico by way of Ohio, David received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNM and played an integral role in the 2006 Formula SAE racecar competition. After graduation, David continued the pursuit of his passions and moved to New Zealand with his wife to explore life and learning on the other side of the world. Armed with a new appreciation and knowledge, he returned to the USA and began work as a systems engineer specializing in lighter than-air vehicles. Returning to his roots and love of cars, David earned a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University in 2009 specializing in the manufacture and materials processing of carbon-fiber engine valves. In 2011, Motoza Performance, LLC was founded to help bridge the gap between automotive enthusiasts and the ever-complex systems that control their vehicles.