Upgrade: ST2 to Hybrid K04


Upgrade: Stage 2 to Hybrid K04

*Please contact us with questions about model years


Required Upgrades:

Injectors - TTS or S3

HPFP Upgrade

K04 or Hybrid K04 Turbo

Recommended Upgrades:

High-Flow CAT or Test Pipe


*Contact Support for accurate Power Gain information



 Flashed DIRECTLY to the ECU with your existing Motoza tuning kit
 Customized for larger K04 or Hybrid K04 turbos
 Customized to optimize upgraded HPFP and larger injectors
 Flash your tune in your own garage, no need for a dealer 
 Extensively tested and proven to provide superior performance 
 Increased efficiency and fuel economy
 Increased power and torque
 Optimized for responsiveness, drivability and smooth operation
 Easily upgrade your tune at a later time without penalty 


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